Our units are available to hire or buy, enabling you to get the unit that’s best for your situation and timeframe.


Flexible hire arrangements allow you to add, change or remove buildings as your project needs change and suit your current situation. Whether it‘s for a week or a few years, we have a hire agreement to suit you. Timeframes for hire can be a couple of days to a few years.


When purchasing, we offer a vast range of options for you to choose from whether it be a standard build or a unit you wish to design Portabuild has the unit for you.

Site works for both Purchase and Hire

Accommodation, Ablution and Lunchroom units

Units that have either a kitchen, bathroom or both will need to be hooked up to the mains already on site for the plumbing. For electricity some units will either need to be hard wired in or will come with a caravan plug that can be plugged into the mains onsite.

Sleep outs / Offices

Electricity will either need to be hard wired in or will come with a caravan plug that can be plugged into the mains onsite.

Delivery for Hire and Purchase

Each unit is delivered on a Hiab truck to enable all units to be placed on site with ease; this freight cost can vary due to the size of the building, site access and the time taken for the unit to be placed on site. If you are concerned about site access or site size, contact one of our sales team and we can arrange for our freight company to do a site check before delivering the unit.


Foundations requirements vary depending on the location of the unit and the ground conditions, we will advise you on what is required for the building you need. We highly recommend all units are to be anchored.

Why Portabuild?

We pride ourselves on knowing and understanding our customers’ requirements, always putting our best foot forward to showcase designs, safety, engineering and construction.

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We work endlessly to provide solutions robust enough to the meet the challenges of space and requirements across a number of sectors including residential, healthcare, education, building & construction, commercial & industrial and government.

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