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Discover the world of relocatable buildings.

Say goodbye to space restrictions with our portable buildings. Your need for extra space is our call to action with a comprehensive range of flexible solutions to suit your needs.

Portabuild's modular buildings are well- insulated, built on galvanised steel bases and power-ready. We even add a layer of 60-mm poly insulation under the water-sealed floors.

Our portable units come in a variety of layouts with lots of customisable options. The popular sizes for our re-locatable buildings are 3.6m x 2.4m and 6.0m x 2.9m but we can build all the way up to a 12.0m x 5.8m unit with many sizes in between.

Discuss your specific needs with us and we can turn your thoughts into the ideal working or living space. Alternatively, feel free to draft your own floor plan that will work for your needs. Have the delivery of your transportable buildings scheduled in time for your business to keep running smoothly or for your students to be in class. The extensive options we have available for sale is almost unlimited, whilst we have a wide range of buildings available for hire that can offer you a speedy solution when time is of the essence.

Our range of well-constructed units built to comply with the New Zealand building standards enable units whether large or small to guarantee comfort no matter the location. Building uses range from large worker accommodation villages to rural housing to school classrooms to commercial and project offices to construction site facilities and amenities. No matter what the buildings are for or where they need to be, we have it covered.

Navigate through some of the popular portable buildings below within the categories of Working, Living, Learning and Other Spaces by clicking on the category titles. 

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We pride ourselves on knowing and understanding our customers’ requirements, always putting our best foot forward to showcase designs, safety, engineering and construction.

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We work endlessly to provide solutions robust enough to the meet the challenges of space and requirements across a number of sectors including residential, healthcare, education, building & construction, commercial & industrial and government.

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